First ad in key state Senate race brutalizes state Sen. Justin Jones

The ad below is online and about to go on TV with a lot of money behind it, I am reliably told.

It is about this case in which state Sen. Justin Jones worked for Sands boss Sheldon Adelson and which came up when he first won his state Senate seat by 300 votes in 2012. The ad below -- people with goatees look SO sinister -- and this web page show this race is about to get nasty. He is running against Becky Harris.

Here's the spot, which is produced by the Nevada Jobs Coalition, run by Team Hutchoval overseer Mike Slanker -- fasten your seat belts, folks:

UPDATED: Michelle White, who runs the Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus, offered this up: "While Justin's opponent wants to hide behind groups who will assassinate Justin's character, he's working hard to represent his constituents and fight for the issues important to their community. Fortunately, Justin's campaign had already planned on going on air with an ad next week."