Fiore snubs, threatens state inspectors, could lose home health care license

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who received $6 million in Medicaid funding during a five-year period, has refused to allow state inspectors to review her records and could have her license to operate revoked, sources confirmed this week.

During the last few weeks, state health inspectors have conducted unannounced visits, as prescribed by regulations, to look at Fiore's records of her home health care businesses. The first time, I'm told, her mother, who helps her run the business, refused to allow the inspectors to do their job. The second time, Fiore rebuffed the inspectors and, according to a knowledgeable source, threatened to pass legislation to prevent them from coming back.

I've also learned that a meeting is scheduled for later this week, a so-called conciliation process that essentially gives Fiore one more chance to comply. If she does not, the state will likely move to suspend or revoke her license.

Fiore's business already has been in trouble with the IRS, which filed millions in liens against her for improperly not passing withholdings from her employees on to the government. Fiore's Medicaid payments (she opposed expanding Medicaid as a legislator) from the state averaged more than a million dollars a year over a five-year period and are detailed below. The inspections are designed to ensure proper records are kept by state providers.

Fiore did not respond to a request for comment.


Provider Name





2015 YTD

Always There 4 You






Always There Personal Care






*Total (Net Payments)







*Net payment indicates Medicaid dollars paid without financial adjustments.

**Claims paid between January 1, 2015 through March 20, 2015.




Home care has one of the highest fraud rates among Medicare and Medicaid services. The investigators shouldn't stop with these agencies while they are in Nevada.