Fiore to caucus: We are going to make history!

UPDATED, 7 AM, 11/24/14: A rare glimpse into who lawmakers, at least this one, think are potential donors -- you know the same people who then lobby them. Below this piece I have posted the donor list Michele Fiore sent to all her members to call for money to retire their debts.


This weekend, before Ira Hansen announced his abdication, Speaker-in-Hoping Michele Fiore sent a long email to her caucus colleagues, announcing a tour of Switch and NPRI's Geoff Lawrence as the staff person for the Gang of 25.

I have helpfully annotated (I may have missed a SIC or two) the missive from the Bundy-loving, gun-toting woman (seen at right on the right with BFF Victoria Seaman, a member of the freshman class) vying with Paul Anderson to be speaker, which is expected to be decided Monday evening:


From: Michele Fiore <>

Subject: Caucus Meeting Saturday December 6th???

Before we get down to business, I would like to say, through the media fire and nay-Sayers (SIC), we will come out together and enter into the historic 78th session with confidence and a plan of action.  One thing everyone is sure of with our new caucus is, (SIC) “Things are going to change.” I believe whole heartily (SIC) that our team will move Nevada forward and make Nevada greater than it already is. (
I believe music should be playing here.)


 There’s been a new confidence and a greater motivation that hit my heart the night of the election. It’s all of you, our new Assembly members and the rest of our team. Thank you for running and getting across the finish line.  You made history and we haven’t even begun yet.
(We can only hope.)

Back to business, there’s a lot of business we must take care of fairly quick (SIC) before bills are due December 10th.  I met with the CEO of Switch, Rob Roy (SIC) and he would like to give our caucus a tour.  I must share with you, (SIC) its (SIC) jaw-dropping incredible! We can combine our caucus meeting with the tour, (SIC) his facility is more secure then the White House. (Yes, I am sure this is true based on those reports of Secret Service failures.)


Along with our BDR's due december (SIC) 10th, Geoff Lawrence has agreed to educate us on PERS, school choice, vouchers and unions.  (
Educate us! On unions! Oh boy.) Geoff will be on our staff (So full integration with the NPRI agenda?) and we’ll have great access to him through session (SIC) however, as we draft our synopsis (SIC) for our bills which (SIC) are due soon, it would be to each of our benefit to receive some of his knowledge.


I have a date in mind for all of this and please reply as soon as you can so I can secure schedules.

I’m looking at Saturday December 6th:

·         9am-11am starting our caucus meeting at Switch in one of their incredible (
Incredible!) secure conference rooms including going over each of our BDR’s (Food will be provided during caucus meeting.)

·         11:30am-1:00pm Tour of Switch

 ·         1:15pm-1:45pm Meet Switch CEO Rob Roy

 ·         1:45-2:00pm Break

 ·         2:00pm–5:00pm  Geoff Lawrence Study on PERS, school choice, vouchers and unions (Food will be provided during study.)

 Airfare, hotel and transportation will be provided for our eight north members by other supporters. (
Oh, who will be playing for this? Fiore-backer Bill Brady? And does Adam Laxalt know about these gifts?) We’ll just need to know if you want to fly in Friday and leave Saturday night or fly in Saturday early morning and leave late Saturday night or Sunday sometime.  My cell is XXXXXX. (I am nothing if not considerate of privacy.) Call me anytime with any question or any concern or email me so I can arrange your rooms and help you book your flights.

 I’m also attaching a donor list and Justin is sending our caucus donor list soon which I’ll forward to you.  Call the list and work on raising funds for your debt, your session or someone else’s debt. I have to tell you, I’ve been raising money since 2009 and sometimes it takes 20 calls to the same person before they (SIC) even call you back.  I haven’t found the fun in fundraising yet, (SIC) however, it’s a necessary evil we must endure when running for office.

 Have a great rest of the weekend. 







full_name legal_name employer
Bryan Gresh   The Gresh Group
Dylan Shaver   Nevada Mining Association
Gary Milliken   GEM Consulting
John Pappageorge   Self
James Wadhams   Fennemore Craig Jones Vargas
Punam Mathur   Wynn Las Vegas
Be-Be Adams   Barrick Mines
Bill Gregory   Gregory and Associates
William Kaercher   Kaercher Insurance
Dr. Michael Clifford    
Debra Gallo   Southwest Gas Corporation
Terry Care   McDonald Carano Wilson
Richard Perkins   The Perkins Company
Mendy Elliott    
Cindy Creighton   Nevada Subcontractors Association
Jennifer Simich-Beristain   Republic Services
David Kallas   Findlay Toyota
Tom Warden   Howard Hughes Corp.
Randy Brown   AT&T
Greg Ferraro   The Ferraro Group
Jay Parmer    
Alisa Nave-Worth   Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck
Darren Wilson   Sierra Air Conditioning, Inc
Randy Robison   CenturyLink
Peter Krueger   Capitol Partners
Judy Stokey   NV Energy
Joe Brezny   Carrara Nevada/GLVAR
Joseph W. Brown   Fennemore Craig Jones Vargas
Dan Musgrove    
Tom Clark    
David Alessi    
Garrett Gordon   Lewis and Roca LLP
Mandi Lindsay   Mechanical Sub-Contractors Association
Joe Guild    
Rusty McAllister   Professional Firefighters
Edward Garcia   Holland & Hart
Nat Hodgson   Southern Nevada Home Builders
Kami Dempsey   Cox Communications
Sean Fellows   Rogich Communications
Lee Amaitis   Cantor Gaming
Marsha Berkbigler   Lobbyist / Washoe County
Daniel Mathis   Nevada Health Care Association
Bryan Wachter   RAN
Pete Ernaut   R&R Partners
Brin Gibson   Lionel Sawyer & Collins
Monte Miller   Nevada Holding Services
Russell Rowe   Griffin Rowe
Don Andress   Las Vegas Harley Davidson
Alfredo Alonso   Lewis & Roca
Rocky Finseth   Carrara NV
George Ross   Gordon & Silver
Jennifer Lazovich   KCRG & F
Karlos LaSane   Caesars Entertainment
Josh Griffin   Griffin Rowe
Erin Russell-Hayes   United Health Group
Warren Hardy II    
Mike Sloan   Station Casinos / Fertitta Entertainment
David Goldwater   Goldwater Capital
Erin McMullen   R&R Partners
Lesley Pittman    
Sean Gamble    
Sean Higgins   Gordon Silver
Bill Welch   Hospital Association
Ryan Beaman   Clark County Firefighters Local Union 1908
Paul Moradkhan   Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
Dave Howell   Wells Fargo
Patrick McNaught    
Daniel Reid   Nat'l Rifle Association
Paul Enos   NV Motor Transport Association
George Flint    
Bill Wellman William Las Vegas Paving
Jim Werbeckes   Employers Insurance Group
Lee Cochran   Pardee Homes