Fiore: "After this show, the IRS and me is done"

Those were Assembly Non-Majority Leader Michele Fiore's words to rightie talk-radio host Alan Stock Friday morning after showing him an installment agreement that mandates she pay the IRS $3,000 a month to pay off tax liens.

I tuned in late because I was listening to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on KNPR -- I know, where are my priorities?

But Stock vouched for the agreement, which her accountant helped explain and claimed some of the $1 million in liens were duplicates. Nevertheless, Fiore acknowledged she owes money, took responsibility while also blaming an errant staffer. Oh, and she wants her majority leader's slot and tax chairmanship returned to her. (UPDATE: I see her masters at Citizen Outhouse say Fiore claims to owe ONLY $200,000 to the IRS, not the $1.3 million in liens. Only.)

Fiore also revealed that while she wants to abolish the federal agency that caught her not meeting her obligations, she apparently will not present a bill to "legislate morale and ethics."

Yes, all's well in Loonland as the session looms. Can't wait for the floor scene Thursday at the State of the State.

I Storified my live tweets for your enjoyment: