FEC green-lights prospective congressional candidate's consulting gig

Erin Bilbray may remain as a consultant to the non-profit she founded if she runs for Congress, according to a draft FEC advisory opinion.

The issue was whether Bilbray, whose father was a congressman from 1987-1999, could be a paid consultant to Emerge Nevada, an organization dedicated to electing Democratic women. 

The key finding by the FEC, whose opinion is attached here, is this:

As a consultant, Ms. Bilbray-Kohn’s duties will be limited to organizing Emerge Nevada’s training program, conducting candidate training sessions, and providing advice 22 to individual candidates.She will not solicit or receive funds for the candidates or Emerge Nevada, and she will not direct or control any of the candidates’ or organization’s spending of non-Federal funds. Although she will train State and local candidates on fundraising, those candidates will not be acting as Ms. Bilbray-Kohn’s agents when they subsequently raise funds for their own non-Federal campaigns. Therefore, in light of the limits on her role as described in the request, Ms. Bilbray-Kohn may serve as a consultant to Emerge Nevada after becoming a candidate without violating the prohibition on Federal candidates soliciting, receiving, transferring, spending, or disbursing non-Federal funds.

My guess: This green light leads to another one. She's in.