Everything that is new is old in Carson City

There are no new tax debates in Carson City.

Some go back decades.

Click on the attached, 20-year-old newspaper clip and find:

1. The gaming industry and the Live Entertainment Tax fight is not new.

2. The battle between good policy and money-scavenging by lawmakers is not new.

3. The effort by the gaming industry (like any other industry) to escape taxation is not new.

4. The debate over loopholes in the Live Entertainment Tax is not new.

5. The jobs may have changed, but the faces (Bill Bible, Mike Sloan) are not new.

6. Damn, the guy who wrote that 20 years ago looks better today.

Amid chatter about Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick's soon-to-be-changed Nevada Entertainment and Admissions Tax, it's a, ahem, fun tax read.

(Thanks to tax guru Carole Vilardo for unearthing this clip.)