Don't vote for these people: An unusual voter guide

A news release came out Tuesday afternoon giving voters a guide to who the small-minded, intolerant, no-solution political arsonists are that Republicans should oppose in the primary.

The release didn't say that explicitly, but the language is very clear: These are people with no business in public office. Rarely is a voter guide provided that tells voters who to oppose, but this is it. Very helpful of them to lump the Know-Nothings together:

Insurgent Republican Assembly Candidates Stand together Promising to reverse Governor Sandoval’s Agenda on the State Income Tax, Common Core and Transgender Bathrooms as Early Voting is set to Start This Week


WHAT: The Nevada Republican Civil War is in full swing as over a dozen Republican Assembly candidates running in tight primary races against Governor Sandoval’s Establishment allies will host a press conference to discuss pressing issues facing Nevada and its’ future. More than a dozen men and women running have signed a pledge to vote together to defeat the Governor’s new “Nevada State Income Tax” AKA the Commerce tax, his transgender bathroom policy, Common Core, and end driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.


WHERE: Grant Sawyer Building, 555 E Washington Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 


WHEN: Wednesday May 25, 2016


TIME: 10:00 am






Assm. Brent Jones (AD35)

Blain Jones (AD21)               

Steve Sanson (AD13)            

Amy Grove (AD29)

Connie Foust (AD19)

Tina Trenner (AD36)

Norm Ross (AD8)

Jim Merchant (AD37)

Mary Rooney (AD41)

Tony Baca (AD5)      

Christine De Corte (AD18)

Marty Hagen (AD34)

Diana Orrock (AD9)

Richard Bounce (AD22)

Richard McArthur (AD4)

Swadeep Nigam (AD23)