Democratic lead in Clark at 55,000; Washoe remains tight

With two left in early/mail voting, the Democrats had a solid but not spectacular day (4,000 votes gained) and now lead in Clark County by about 55,000 votes.

Meanwhile, the Republicans won Washoe by 300 votes out of 7,700 cast. That county will be close.

An interesting phenomenon is there is no second-week surge as there usually is, which makes me wonder whether both parties have exhausted their enthusiastic voters in early voting. We will find out next week.

The Clark early/mail numbers:

Democrats -- 189,549, or 47.6 percent

Republicans -- 134,036, or 33.7 percent

Others -- 74,045, or 19 percent

Turnout is now at 397,630 -- that's 47 percent of Clark voters. If turnout is 80 percent in the South, 58 percent of the vote already is in.

The turnout differential is now about two and a half points in the GOP's favor (51.0 percent-48.6 percent). Keep an eye on that number.