Crossroads ad ties Horsford to you-know-who

American Crossroads GPS, seeing those early voting numbers heavily favoring Republicans, is dropping a $1 million bomb on Rep. Steven Horsford.

It is, as expected, about tying Horsford to Obamacare (Could North Las Vegas be the one place in America where the president is still popular?) and portraying him as having mutated from a Nevadan into some DC creature. Horsford and the Democrats are going on the offensive, trying to get free media attacking Karl Rove. But it's hard to fight paid media with free media, and this is a huge buy two weeks out to help boost GOP Assemblyman Cresent Hardy, who suddenly looks viable.

Horsford responded a short time ago, and it was even more predictable than the ad: "I go the extra mile for Nevadans, and no one else. The Silver State comes first, not political party. Working across the aisle, we have made progress building Interstate-11, passed a critical Nevada jobs bill, and delivered more $1.5 million in due benefits to Nevada working families. I support raising the minimum wage, strengthening Social Security and Medicare, and ensuring equal pay for women because those are good policies that help Nevadans. Unlike shadowy out-of-state SuperPACs, I put Nevada first because I care about the well-being of our state."