The continued implosion of the Gang of Three

With due apologies to Caesar, Crassus and Pompey, the Nevada triumvirate of Michele Fiore, Ira Hansen and Jim Wheeler, allies in trying to rule the new Assembly GOP majority, is slowly and embarassingly dissolving.

Fiore had promised Friday to hold a meeting to get herself reinstated as majority leader, insisting that it would be held Monday at 3:30 PM in the caucus room at the Legislative Building after the inaugural ceremonies. It did not happen, just as Madame Tax Lien's serving in leadership will never occur. 


Here's what Wheeler said in a Monday memo I have obtained:

From: Jim Wheeler <>
Subject: todays meeting


Caucus Members:
During today's inauguration, I was approached by three of the original 13 members who called the caucus meeting today. They asked me to take their name off of the call to meeting list.
It is my opinion that there no longer exists the authority to call a meeting without the Speaker Designates permission. I spoke to him and he agrees with me that the authority no longer exists. Therefore, the meeting is canceled. Sorry about the inconvenience.
Jim Wheeler


The good news for the caucus is that maybe some of the new members are wising up to Fiore's toxicity. The bad news is that Fiore and her Citizen Outhouse patrons will not raise a white flag.

They prefer to blacken others rather than accept reality. I still think the worst is yet to come.