Coburn attacks Nevada brothels for tax breaks; brothels fight back

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has released his annual "Wastebook", and guess what's on it?

Nevada's brothels!

In a section cleverly (ahem) titled, "Pimping the Tax Code," Coburn outlines tax breaks granted to the brothels, including -- cover your eyes, children! -- for breast implants. The total cost: $17.5 million.

"Even though prostitution is deemed illegal under nearly every law in the nation, Congress must explicitly disallow businesses – legal or illegal – from making such deductions from their tax liability," the Coburn manifesto reads.

My favorite part, though, is the final sentence: 

"At least one prominent Nevada lawmaker has noted that allowing the practice gives the Silver state a bad name: 'Nevada needs to be known as the first place for innovation and investment – not as the last place where prostitution in still legal.'”

Prominent lawmaker! That would be one Harry Reid.

Reid hasn't offered any rebuttal, but not surprising who has? Brothel kingpin Dennis Hof, who is getting attention (that he craves) by saying, "Tom Coburn should be as honest as Nevada hookers"

Oh yes.

And more: Just because he doesn't like legal prostitution, does not mean prostitutes don't have expenses like any other small business people.

First its (sic) the hookers and next he will want to disallow expenses for any other person 
who is in the vice business like, Porn, alcohol, legal weed sales.

I wish Coburn would quit pandering to the Tea Party.

Google “Sex Trafficking” in Oklahoma, over 300,000 items come up! 

Senator Coburn, Fix your state before you try to change nevada (sic), we do real well without people like you!

It was better for Coburn in these parts when he was simply claiming doctor-patient privilege as John Ensign's gynecologist.