Clinton lost the rurals by 40 points, little dropoff to Cortez Masto's victory



There was an insignificant dropoff from the presidential race to the U.S. Senate contest in Nevada, Hillary Clinton lost the rurals by nearly 40 (!) points and Catherine Cortez Masto won Clark County by more than Clinton.

Those are some of the nuggets panned from the Nov. 8 results in Nevada, which showed, yet again, how the Silver State is really three states. You can still win one (Cortez Masto) or two (Clinton) counties and lose the rest of the 17 and still win statewide office -- so long as one is Clark, that is.

Take a look:

►Number of people who voted for president: 1,122,990

►Number of people who voted in U.S. Senate race: 1,106,020

►Difference: 16,970

►Number of votes Joe Heck lost the U.S. Senate by: 26,231


►Total turnout: 1,125,038 (76.8 percent)

►Total Clark County turnout: 766,806 (75.3 percent)

►Total Washoe County turnout: 209,660 (79.6 percent)

►Total rural turnout: 148,572 (81.1 percent)

►Percentages of turnout: Clark, 68 percent; Washoe, 19 percent; rurals, 13 percent

►Highest county turnout: Douglas (94 percent) Only 1,656 of the county’s 29,576 active voters did not vote.

►Lowest county turnout: Mineral (68 percent)


►Total Clark votes cast for president: 765,421

►Clinton margin in Clark: 81,497, or 52 percent to 42 percent

►Total Clark votes cast for U.S. Senate: 751,613

►Cortez Masto margin in Clark: 81,849, or 51 percent to 40 percent


►Total Washoe votes cast for president: 209,909

►Clinton margin in Washoe: 2,621, or 46 percent to 45 percent

►Total Washoe votes cast for U.S. Senate: 207,957

►Heck margin in Washoe: 1,683, or 47 percent to 46 percent


►Total rural votes cast in presidential race: 148,187

►Trump margin in rurals: 57,566, or 66 percent to 27 percent

►Total rural votes cast in U.S. Senate race: 147,060

►Heck margin in rurals: 53,826, or 64 percent to 27 percent


Other interesting data:

►Rep.-elect Ruben Kihuen won Clark County by 23,834 votes; he lost the rest of the district by 13,194 votes, or about 3-to-1. Eighty-eight percent of the total CD4 votes were cast in Clark.

►Nearly 30 percent of voters cast ballots for “none of the above” in statewide races where Supreme Court justices or appeals court judges were unopposed.

►The ballot behavior toward the bottom in Clark: More than 160,000 people did not vote in the countywide judicial races, or about a fifth of those who voted. By contrast, there was very little dropoff on any of the five ballot questions at the very end of the ballot.