Clark County Republicans will meet to assess what went wrong (that could take awhile)

Leo Bletnitsky, active in the most radical GOP (Clark County) in Nevada and the local chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, says it's time for voter ID, a better ground game and to purge the Ron Paul influence. Here's his email sent this morning:

Last Tuesday’s results were not what we had hoped and worked for! However, I do want to congratulate Senator Dean Heller and Congressman Dr. Joe Heck as well as the other state and local candididates on their victories.
That being said, we need to evaluate why we lost so many races and what we can do going forward to be successful next time. I’m sure you have heard analysis on TV and radio already, but here is my take:
·         We need good candidates that don’t go out of their way to say stupid things that the media will use to paint all Republicans with. (ex; Aiken)
·         We need a better ground game that starts far earlier than it has in the past. There are thousands of likely Republicans not even registered to vote! (See what can be done about that tomorrow below)
·         We need to emulate the Democrat’s social media and online strategy that has worked well for them in 2008 and 2012 and expand and improve it.
·         We need to push for a Voter ID requirement here in Nevada and in every state. Unlike what the left says, this will only suppress the fraudulent voters!
Many may not realize that next time is coming sooner than later. We have municipal elections in 2013 and state and federal elections again in 2014. We need a strong Republican Party in Cark County and in the State. Right now the CCRP is the opposite of strong! What can you do about it? Tomorrow, Wednesday November 14, there is a Clark County Republican Central Committee meeting (CCRP) and we need you there. Here is why:
·         During the last year, the CCRP was taken over by the Ron Paul faction of the Republican Party by getting their people to show up and vote.
·         We now have people in leadership positions that did not support non Ron Paul candidates in this last election and need to be voted out.
·         CCRP rules require that a person attend two meetings in a row to vote. (If you attend tomorrow evening, you will be a voting member at the subsequent meeting in January.
·         We need a functional CCRP to be competitive in upcoming elections.