Bundy folks plan one-year celebration of raid on outlaw rancher

The Cliven Bundy Gang is planning a celebration of the one-year anniversary of the botched BLM raid on the rancher who owes the federal government a fortune in grazing fees.

The CBG has even invited Clark County commissioners to what they are calling the "Bundy Ranch Freedom Reunion" on April 10-11. The invite, attached here, is signed "We the People of the Sovereign State of Nevada," and the flyer has all kinds of sovereign state rhetoric.

The flyer talks about the original colonies and the "DIVINE INSPIRED FORM OF GOVERNMENT."

The sovereign citizen movement, tied to the Bundy incident a year ago, essentially is a doctrine that aloows people, like the rancher, to believe they don't have to obey certain laws.

I have already told you about the CBG planning to swarm Carson City next week.

Get ready, folks. This is going to be something.