Armstrong to go for governor's plan

In a huge development, Assembly Tax Chair Derek Armstrong will vote for the governor's tax plan.

Armstrong, who proposed an alternative to the governor's original idea and opposed the gross receipts portion, told me:

In everything I do as a legislator, I am always reminded that the voters elected me to make

decisions that are in the best interest of their families, their businesses, their neighborhoods and 

their state.

Top among their concerns are improving the condition of our education system and building a 

stronger economy by creating new job opportunities for our growing state.

As Chairman of the Taxation committee, over the past four months I have dug deeply into 

Nevada’s tax structure in an effort to find a solution that broadens Nevada’s tax base and ensures 

that all businesses are treated fairly and equitably.  I am confident I have asked the hard 


I authored an alternative tax plan, along with Majority Leader Paul Anderson, that was a 

responsible approach to achieving those goals. 

Once Governor Sandoval introduced his Nevada Revenue Plan, a plan that incorporates two-

thirds of what Mr. Anderson and I offered in our original plan, I reviewed it as objectively as I 


I want to complement the Governor for his willingness to compromise and, in particular, for his 

important commitment to protect small businesses by creating an exemption in the Commerce 

Tax, so that it will only apply to the biggest businesses.

While I have expressed concerns about the Commerce Tax, I cannot dispute that the Commerce 

Tax will reach many out of state corporations that benefit from Nevada’s economy for the first 

time. This result will bring much-needed revenue that will help fundamentally modernize our 

education system.  

 I will vote yes on AB 464 as amended because I believe that the Governor’s budget is correctly 

prioritized and his corresponding revenue plan protects small businesses, requires a broader base 

of  businesses to equitably invest in the economy and will enable Nevada to become more 

competitive and stronger.  In addition, as part of this final budget agreement, I look forward to 

being involved in the on-going discussions about  long-term tax stability as well as actively 

participating in the comprehensive review of all business taxes in Nevada that is mandated as a 

part of this agreement.