Apocalypse for golfers!

If you golf in Nevada, get ready to panic.

Your world is about to end -- or close to it.

Get to Carson City, but don't bring your clubs!

Here is the breathless email that went out today:

The Nevada State Legislature Committee on Taxation, chaired by North Las Vegas Marilyn Kirkpatrick has introduced a potential bill that could seriously impact the golf industry in the State of Nevada. The outline of the bill is below:
The tax rate will be 8%, This tax would include gyms, golf courses, concerts, convention centers, theaters, shows, exhibitions, exhibition halls, trade shows, athletic or sporting contests, races, certain private clubs or membership clubs. The bill excludes venues that have under 50 seats, nonprofits, charitable organizations and political subdivisions. Not only is there a tax on the admission of the places listed above, any food, beverages, refreshments will be taxed at 8% as well. The Gaming Control Board will be required to create regulations that would determine exceptions to the applicability of the tax.
The golf industry needs the support of all the golf related organizations and associations in the state of Nevada to fight the passage of this bill. I am asking all of your organizations to send emails to the members of the Taxation Committee speaking out against the inclusion of any golf course entertainment tax being passed as part of the bill.
Time is of the essence as the hearing on this Bill is Tuesday at 1:00. Please act now.