Anti-tax gadfly forms PAC, running ads against "The Sandoval Tax"

One day after he advocated for his tax plan, Gov. Brian Sandoval is under assault on Northern Nevada talk radio for "strong-arming" his plan and keeping it secret from voters during the campaign season.

The ad, attached here, is paid for by Stop the Sandoval Tax PAC, registered Wednesday by Todd Bailey. Bailey likes to call himself "Todd Taxpayer" and has roamed the hallways in Carson City for years, once failing in a run for the Assembly.

I called Bailey to see who is funding the effort -- the PAC has no filings yet and won't for months. I am awaiting a return phone call.

The ad links the Business License Fee to the margin tax that failed at the ballot in 2014, a common refrain heard by opponents. They are both based on gross receipts; there the similarity ends.

"Why did Governor Sandoval and the Republicans he's supporting keep this secret for over a year?" the narrator asks.

They want to increase government spending by a billion dollars, but the money goes into the general fund, the narrator laments. Then it asks folks to -- this is my favorite part -- call Michael Roberson, the Senate majority leader.

At least Todd Taxpayer and his moneyed friends are helping Roberson's Northern name ID.