Anthony to Goodman: I'm running against you

Las Vegas Councilman Stavros Anthony told Mayor Carolyn Goodman on Saturday that he plans to challenge her in the spring election.

Two sources close to Goodman said Anthony informed her at a school opening that he plans to run. Anthony said he would not talk about a private conversation, but said, "I'm thinking about it."


"A lot of it surrounds the soccer stadium," Anthony told me. "I think we're spending way too much time on the soccer stadium downtown. We need to spend our energy on other things."

Anthony added, tellingly, "I'm really disappointed that we voted (led by Goodman) not to allow the residents of Las Vegas to vote on this thig," he said. "If I'm the mayor, I'm going to be more transparent."

If I'm the mayor....

Goodman, of course, is a heavy favorite. But in a low-turnout election, with anti-stadium Anthony vs. pro-stadium-Goodman, this could be fun.