Adelson, Wynn, Rove and me -- Just imagine it!


I ran into Steve Wynn, Sheldon Adelson and Karl Rove the other night at SW Steakhouse.

They generously offered to let me sit down and tape their conversation. That’s just the kind of guys they are.

Here’s what transpired:

Rove: “I just want to thank you guys again for all of the money you’ve given Crossroads GPS. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Adelson: “You’re welcome, Karl. But are we going to win or not?”

Wynn: “Good question. Shelly. We’ve invested a lot with you, Karl, to get rid of this unusual American in The White House.”

Rove: “Of course we are going to win, guys. Would I steer you wrong?”

Adelson: “Well, I talk to my guys and they say the early voting is better than 2008, and we look golden.”

Wynn: “My guys say that, too. Bye, bye Barack, in Ne-vah-duh, right, Karl?”

Rove: “Oh, Nevada’s a lock, for sure. I told you guys how to set up that voter contact operation and (imitates Dr. Evil) you’ve made billions of voter contacts.”

Adelson: “This isn’t funny, Karl. This guy’s Justice Department is looking into my business already. I’m now way out there trying to beat him. And Romney has never given me a lot of enthusiasm, as you know. I love Israel, but I really don’t want to have to be forced to move there.”

Wynn: “Oh, Shelly, don’t be silly. Romney is going to win. Nevadans and Americans get that this other guy is a jobs-killing machine.”

Rove: “You really believe that stuff, Steve? I thought you just said it on FOX for the heck of it.”

Wynn: “Are you joking, Karl? This guy is destroying business in this country.”

Adelson: “Steve’s right, Karl. He is terrible for guys like us.”

Rove (smiling): “Well, I suppose this guy here (points to me) might not think you are doing too badly sipping a $1,000 bottle of wine.”

Wynn, chuckles: “I noticed you ordered that wine, Karl.”

Rove: “I have always appreciated your hospitality, Steve. And your millions to Crossroads, in case I forgot to tell you. You and Sheldon are changing America. That’s really the truth. You are visionaries and leaders.”

Adelson: “Oh, shut up, Karl. You don’t need to suck up anymore. We already gave you the $60 million. And I’m glad you kept your promise to spend a lot of it here to defeat the president and get rid of Shelley Berkley. She is going to lose, too, right?”

Wynn: “Oh, that woman. That woman. She lied about me. She cannot be elected.”

Rove: “Well, it would have been nice if that guy running against her…. What’s his name?

Adelson: “Heller.”

Rove: “Right. It would have been nice if he told voters something about himself as opposed to focusing only on her ethics. We took care of that part with our ads. He needed to sell himself. But I’m sure he’ll hang on.”

Adelson: “How sure?”

Rove: “As sure as I am that I’m not picking up the tab for this bill.”

Wynn: “Karl! Is Heller a lock or not?”

Rove: “Listen, Steve, I can control the ads and there have been more run here than anywhere in the country. That’s a fact. But you guys said you would fund the voter contact program and make sure the Republicans got out to vote.”

Adelson: “They have. It’s up huge from 2008. We have cut the margin a lot.”

Wynn: “Right. I hear Romney is up a little in the state.”

Rove: “So why do you suppose no public poll shows him ahead?”

Adelson: “Our polling says he is. And we paid a lot of money for it.”

Wynn: “Yes. And our guys say our Election Day surge will overcome whatever lead the Democrats have now. What is it, Shelly, just a few thousand votes?”

Adelson: “I think it’s about 20,000 or so, Steve.”

Rove: “Actually, it’s 60,000-plus in Clark County, gentlemen. Now, it was 80,000-plus four years ago. Then again, Obama won the state by 12 points that year.”

Wynn: “Are you saying we’re in trouble, Karl?”

Adelson: “Yeah, what are you saying?”

Rove: “No, no. I’m sure it will be fine. Obama is fading. Berkley is fading.”

Wynn: “Good.”

Adelson: Yes. Good job, Karl. You know Steve and I think you are a genius.”

Rove: “Thanks. I appreciate that. So while I have you here, gentlemen, the real keys are Ohio and Florida. We need to fortify ourselves there in the final days and – I hate to ask – but I could use some money for last-minute ads.”

Wynn: “How much?”

Rove: “Five million each should be enough.”

Adelson: “No problem.”

Wynn: “Yes, Karl. That’s fine. Hey, Shelly, thank God for the Chinese!”

Adelson: “I’ll drink to that.”

All three men clink their glasses and sip their wine.