$350,000 worth of anointment juice

Lieutenant governor anointee Mark Hutchison, handpicked by Gov. Brian Sandoval and backed by the GOP Establishment, raised about $350,000 at his first event.

That estimated figure, from an insider with knowledge and one who does not (as some do) exaggerate, must be the most ever raised by a candidate for lieutenant governor -- or perhaps even an incumbent LG running for re-election. For context, Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki reported $138,000 raised in the year before he ran for re-election in 2010. (I forget who he ran against.)

That number show the stakes in what could be the most important constitutional race, as Democrats, especially Team Harry Reid, think the governor may have second-term, midterm plans, and Sandoval clearly is hoping for a backstop should he run for the U.S. Senate or get an appointment in 2016.

So now Sue Lowden, should she run, and the Democrats, still searching, know what they are up against.

It's good to be anointed.

(Image from abcnewsradio.com)