Year of the Woman for GOP? Two key state Senate candidates to surface today

State Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson has recruited female candidates in the two critical races next year that will determine if he can change his title.

Both are expected to be unveiled today, sources said.

The first is Becky Harris, whom I previously told you about and who will take on state Sen. Justin Jones, who barely won his seat last cycle. She will have a primary with Vick Gill, a doctor recruited last cycle by Roberson but who abruptly dropped out after it was learned he had not voted in Nevada.

The selling point for Harris, who lost an Assembly race last cycle and recently moved into Jones' district to run, is that she has a broad resume that includes experience as a lawyer defending homeowners and an activist involved in education issues.

The other candidate, who will run in term-limited Barbara Cegavske's district, is Patricia Farley. She is a political unknown but has small businesswoman bonafides as the owner of a construction company. The Democrats have yet to anoint anyone here.

So two women who hold Roberson's fate, should he win his own race, in his hands. It's no accident that he recruited female candidates because that is best way to overcome registration disadvantages in both districts (large in Jones', small in Cegavske's), with women appealing to moderate voters and independents better than male contenders.

Game on, Democrats.