Why won't Harry Reid reveal the identities of three contributors?

UPDATE: After I posted this, Reid spokeswoman Kristen Orthman finally gave me answer, saying the names would not be released out of privacy: "It was donors who had passed away and had already given to the general election."


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has told the Federal Election Commission to pound sand in its effort to get him to disclose the sources of three contributions.

More than a month ago, the FEC asked Reid to identify the sources of three contributions totalling $7,400 that he transferred on his June report to the U.S. Treasury. "Please amend your report to identify the original contribution...." the FEC wrote to Reid's campaign on Aug. 12.

This week, Reid, through the well-known election lawyer Marc Elias, responded in a quite non-responsive way: "The Committee has met its obligation with respect to these disgorgements."

And then Elias risibly added: "We hope that this information adequately addresses your question."

I have tried repeatedly for a month to obtain from Reid's office an explanation of these disgorgements to the Treasury and have received nothing.

I wonder if the FEC will have to take "no" for an answer.

Even if he is proven right on the law, I wonder more why Reid wouldn't want to disclose who these donors are.

The full correspondence is below.

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