What some prominent Nevadans will give thanks for Thursday

So what will high-profile Nevadans be giving thanks for on Thursday? I happen to know:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: For John Boehner’s Tea Party anarchists. For Sharron Angle (never stop thanking God for her). For being able to interview political editor candidates at the Las Vegas Sun.

Sen. Dean Heller: For re-election being five years away. For No Labels, so no real permanent positions. For his ultra-professional staff.

Rep. Steven Horsford: For modern medicine. For North Las Vegas’ demographics. For Niger Innis running mate, Wayne Allyn Birther.

Rep. Dina Titus: For CD1 (so much better than CD3).

Rep. Joe Heck: For “Ralston Reports.” For John Oceguera (yes, still thankful for that one). For Obamacare – a k a, insurance for his seat.

Rep. Mark Amodei: For the rurals. For the rurals. For the rurals.

Gov. Brian Sandoval: For the Democratic Party farm team. For the politics of anointment. For Mark Hutchison.

Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki: For GOP 2016 fever! For Harry Reid’s inspiration. For the rigors of the job.

Secretary of State Ross Miller: For hipsters, fighters (UFC) and a Madison (Holly, not James). For AFP (hello, perfect foil). For the GOP candidate vacuum.

Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto: For the possibility Harry Reid might retire. For the possibility of running against Brian Sandoval in two years (that would be fun).

Treasurer Kate Marshall: For Brian Krolicki’s conventionmania. For short voter memories (What, she ran for Congress?). For the Millennium Scholarship.

 ►Controller Kim Wallin: For actually being obviously qualified to run for the job she is running for.

Erin Bilbray: XX – it’s the X-factor. For Harry Reid. For having no voting record.

Sue Lowden: For voters’ short-term memory loss (Chickens? Huh?). For Harry Reid’s fickleness (he loved her before he hated her before he loved her again). For low turnout off-years.

State Sen. Mark Hutchison: For Brian Sandoval. For being at mid-term. For no one noticing his short elective resume.

Assemblywoman Lucy Flores: For Hutchison-Lowden. For the Hispanic vote. For travel records written in disappearing ink.

Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore: For being the Queen of Crass not being a disqualifying factor for employment as a Nevada lawmaker.

Assemblyman Jim Wheeler: For that meeting only lasting 51 minutes – who knows what ELSE he might have said? For media-bashing, South-bashing as a counterpunching strategy. For that muzzle you just bought.

State Sen. Kelvin Atkinson: For being black and gay. For NV Energy.

State Sen. Aaron Ford: For Nic Cage.

State Sen. Justin Jones: For GOP primaries. For Mayors Against Illegal Guns. For Megan Jones.

State Sen. Tick Segerblom: For being at midterm. For being in a district where you can say anything (and probably will). For the media.

Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins: For no breathalyzers in chambers. For profanity not being grounds for expulsion. For the media.

State Sen. Barbara Cegavske: For bills passed not being a requirement for higher office. For Danny Tarkanian not running (probably). For voter ID mania.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman: For Oscar’s relative silence (I said relative!).

Mayor John Lee: For there being no such thing in Nevada as a municipal bankruptcy. For no one paying much attention to North Las Vegas (why, yes, I did bring my campaign manager into City Hall!).

NPRI: For government – if it didn’t exist, what would there be to hate? For government – if it didn’t screw up, what would there be to analyze? For government – if it didn’t protect dark money groups, what donor secrecy would there be?

Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick: For legacy sessions. For Southern pride. For the price of admission.

 ►Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey: For Citizen Outreach really being made up of only one citizen.

 ►State Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis: For Leo Durocher being proven wrong.

State Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson: For one good words rhyming with Bunce for media (mail/TV) purposes. For the power of incumbency ($). For mining as a foil.

Sheldon Adelson: Macau -- does anything else really matter (outside of web gaming, that is)?

 ►Steve Wynn: Macau.

Mining: For the Legislature. For the governor.

Gaming: For the Legislature. For the governor.

The state Democratic Party: As usual, for the state Republican Party. For Harry Reid’s fundraising power. For Rebecca Lambe.

The state Republican Party: For having no money, thus minimizing possible scandals. For the worst being past (I’m sure it has, really). For Obamacare.

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak: For the media. For being at midterm. For the other six.

Republic Services: For local governments, no matter how many times the members are recycled.

Your favorite pundit: For all of the above – and more.

 Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.