What the election sports book might look like

So the scenery-chewing Tick Segerblom, the state senator not satisfied with pot expansion and portable legislating, also is considering legalizing bets on federal (and maybe state) elections.

Segerblom's bill draft, which is attached here, is specific to federal election betting. But he told Politico that he may consider betting on state elections as well. Imagine what the sports book might look like:


Rep. Joe Heck - 3 (percent) vs. Erin Bilbray

Rep. Mark Amodei - 15 vs. any D

Rep. Dina Titus - 22 vs. any R

Rep. Steven Horsford - 10 vs. any R

Gov. Brian Sandoval -8 vs. any D


Odds Harry Reid will run again: 2-1 in favor

Reid - 3 against any R

I'm not sure whether to apply for a license in the unlikely event that Segerlblom's bill passes or to simply bet my savings on outcomes, based on my track record....