Weekend mail call: Republicans pound Berkley; Democrats bludgeon Romney-Ryan

Folks, I will try as often as I can to post media on this blog, so you can see what is happening in major -- and maybe some minor -- races.


You will see attached here two pieces I received -- I am a registered non-partisan -- one from the Washoe Republican Party, which essentially is a front now as a federal PAC for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (which doesn't trust the state GOP), and one from the Democratic Party of Nevada on the presidential ticket.


The mail I receive will give you a window into pitches being made to indies.


In this case, it's the Republicans portraying Berkley as a liar on Medicare -- you've heard the "Obamacare cut $700 billion" before -- to play "best defense is a good offense." And the Democrats also are on Medicare in the White House race, using the old $6,400 figure from a nonpartisan analysis of the Ryan budget (not the Romney plan) and the ever-popular "privatize Medicare" line.

Click on the pieces to download.