Wait, Sandoval needs money?

UPDATE: Missed this but eagle-eyed reader points out Team Sandoval spelled "Nevada" as "Neveda" on his piece. See color cover below.


He is an immortal lock for re-election, a sure winner even if he proposed a billion-dollar tax increase today.

But Gov. Brian Sandoval is still trying to build his war chest and take no chances two weeks before early voting starts, sending a mail piece late last week to remind people who he is, how he saved the state and brought the Democrats in line.

The piece is below. Some notes:

►There is no such word as "commonsense." At least there shouldn't be. And it's all over the piece.

►"Statewide grassroots campaign," eh? That ain't for him, right, Hutch and Sen. Roberson?

►He is taking his "message of economic opportunity" across the state soon. Really? Sandoval '16 begins?

►"Personally met with every legislator to cut through hyper-partisanship and prioritize Nevada's issues." This is hilarious. First, Carson City is as partisan as it ever has been, and the only entity to cut through it was the state Supreme Court in 2011. Second, if Sandoval actually met with every lawmaker, he is a saint. Do you know all of those people?

►Closed the state's budget gap by getting the Democrat-controlled legislature to cut spending." Oh? Really? And "Democrat-controlled" is so partisan.....