Vegas City Hall doubles as fancy digs for near-bankrupt city

So in Thursday's episode of "Parks and Recreation," the producers were looking for a City Hall to symbolize extravagance in a city that has nearly gone bankrupt.

Don't tell The Family Goodman -- although the city must have given permission, right? -- but look what they used:

I don't watch the program, but one of my Twitter followers, @vegaspixie, pointed me to it. Pretty funny, eh, City Council?

In the same episode, by the way, a character who wants to go off the grid suggests to his wife: "I've heard the school system in the tunnels beneath Yucca Mountain is adequate."

What's the obsession with knocking our neck of the woods, Parks and Rec? Do we at least get royalties for this stuff?

In the old days, when The Family ran this town, epithets would have been hurled, strongly worded letters written....