Vegas Chamber of Commerce to Wheeler: Go home!

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber late Tuesday called on Assemblyman Jim Wheeler to resign and urged other groups to follow suit.

Here is the group's statement:

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce calls for the immediate resignation of State

Assemblyman Jim Wheeler (R-39) from the Nevada State Legislature. Mr. Wheeler’s

comments regarding his willingness to endorse slavery are appalling, outrageous and do not

reflect the values we embody in Nevada. His remarks are unacceptable and should not be

tolerated. There is no place in Nevada state politics – or anywhere – for an individual with this


In addition, the Metro Chamber is disturbed by his disdain for the people of Southern Nevada,

who make up nearly 75 percent of the state and who contribute greatly to its economy, its

accomplishments and community spirit. These remarks, too, bring into question Mr. Wheeler’s

respect for his fellow citizens and human beings.

We call on other organizations in Nevada to join us in condemning Mr. Wheeler and urge him to

resign immediately.