The U.S. Senate debate drinking game

Tonight, from 8 PM to 9 PM, Sen. Dean Heller and Rep. Shelley Berkley will square off in their first debate on public TV, North and South.

If that doesn't excite you enough, here's what to do -- take a swig of your favorite drink every time this happens:

Heller says the word "ethics"

Berkley says the word "Medicare"

Heller says the words "Harry Reid"

Berkley says the words "Big Oil"

Heller says the word "corrupt"

Berkley says the words "Wall Street"

Heller says the words "Obamacare" and "stimulus" and "TARP"

Berkley says the words "Romney-Ryan-Heller"

That ought to cover it.  What did I miss? Send your suggestions in the comments section below.