Updated post: Hardy to file with FEC

UPDATE, 9/30: Hardy told me he plans to file with the Federal Election Commission next week to start raising money for the the congressional race. But he still reserves the right not to run if he can't get enough in the bank by January.

Hardy told at least one lobbyist Monday that he is running.

Until filing closes in March, I believe nothing.....


Hardy told lobbyist Cresent Hardy, the assistant minority floor leader, is considering a bid against Rep. Steven Horsford.

"I'm just looking at it," Hardy confirmed. "No commitment yet."

Hardy, who lives in Mesquite, said he has been able to corral financial pledges. But the plain-spoken legislator said, "I tell people talk is cheap."

The district is solidly Democratic -- Republicans trail in voter registration by 14 percent, or 43,000 voters out of 315,000 total. "It's a very difficult race," said Hardy, who would have to give up his seat in the Legislature.

Hardy said he was asked to consider the contest by a couple of groups, which he would not name. They never do.

He is well liked in the capital, where he is considered a no-nonsense conservative. I'm sure the theory is that the rural areas of the district would love him, but that only makes up a fifth of the vote, if he's lucky. But in a lower-turnout, off-year, maybe he would have a chance.

That's the argument, at least.

Hardy said he hopes to make a decision by November.