UPDATED: Lowden 2010 campaign manager: She said she would spend whatever it takes

UPDATED: One day after I revealed the existence of this affidavit, Lowden filed a document in the court case trying to get it thrown out because it was initially unsigned.  In the filing, which I have attached here, Lowden essentially argues that the pollster suing her is engaging in "litigation abuse" by trying to revise and refile a document after a deadline has passed.

Maybe so. But consider:

1. She realizes just how damaging her ex-campaign manager's affidavit is.

2. Remember this is over a $77,000 bill.



In a devastating affidavit filed last week, Robert Uithoven, who ran Sue Lowden's 2010 Senate campaign, described her as declaring she would spend "whatever it took" to win, undercutting her defense in a lawsuit against a pollster suing her for $77,000 in unpaid bills.

The declaration, in a lawsuit filed by a pollster who says he was stiffed by Lowden, backs up other documents in the suit that indicated Uithoven at one time believed Lowden would cough up the funds to pay Vitale & Associates.

Uithoven, undermining Lowden's defense, said she approved all expenses, including for polls, and that all of them were "delivered on time and at the predetermined price." And, he added, all of Vitale's invoices "were approved...."

Then the killer: "I had numerous discussions with Sue Lowden regarding funding of the campaign expenses. Repeatedly, she stated that whatever it took in personal funds to win would be available." When the Lowdens heard that "one of her opponents was spending personal money on his campaign (I assume, John Chachas).....they both stated that (he) could not outspend them." But, Uithoven added: "I recall one occasion when Sue Lowden expressed to me that she would not spend any more personal money in regards to a media buy for a television ad our media firm had just produced."

The affidavit is attached here.