Trump indulges supporter at Sparks rally over debunked Iran conspiracy theory

During his appearance in Sparks on Thursday, Donald Trump said he had heard the same nonsensical conspiracy theory about Secretary of State John Kerry's daughter's connection to Iran -- the implication being that this affected his negotiations on the nuclear deal.

The Boston Globe's Kevin Cullen and others have debunked this garbage. But Trump was all ears during a Q & A after his speech:

Female Supporter: "The rumor that I heard is that John Kerry's daughter married a physician in Iran."


Trump: "Who's related to the negotiator. That's what I've heard."


Female Supporter: "And the best man was the negotiator for the Iran deal. Now what's with that?"


Trump: "I heard that. I don't know if it's true. Hey, could you guys check that out in the press? Let the press check it out. Don't worry, don't worry. If it's true, they will not report that. Go ahead."


No, former presidential frontrunner, you go ahead.