Treasurer Dan Schwartz suggests governor ignored will of people, proposes alternative budget

Treasurer Dan Schwartz, who threatened during the campaign to present an alternative to the governor's budget even though he is simply charged with making state investments, has done just that.

And the treasurer's alternative $6.8 billion plan, which removes the new business tax and mining tax components and is $500 million less then Brian Sandoval's budget, is online here. My favorite parts:

Nevadans soundly rejected a tax very similar to the Business License Fee—the Margins tax— in this past election. Moreover, Nevadans rejected changing the Constitutional cap on mining industry taxes in the 2014 election. In a democracy, shouldn’t elected officials respect the express will of the people? 

Yes, governor, shouldn't they? Answer the guy who would not have won without you at the top of the ticket!

Oh, and forget the commonly repeated canard by those who don't know who don't care that what Sandoval proposed is the same as what failed at the ballot. The new proposal has significantly lower rates, differentiates between industries and is much simpler. But, you know, THE SAME.

After careful review and analysis, the State Treasurer has proposed a budget of $6.8 billion. This budget allows $470 million in “sunset taxes” to continue for another two years; and, draws the line on two new taxes, specifically $437.5 million in business license fees and $14.6 million in mining MBT. Thus, we ask the Governor to prioritize and reduce his new expenditures by half as well as reducing business license fees due to sunset by $70 million. The remaining $540 million would be funded through a $5 per passenger facilities fee at McCarran/RenoTahoe Airports ($450 million over two years); $35 million annually ($70 million over two years) in increased gaming taxes; and, $10 million annually ($20 million over two years) in additional cuts to the over 200 agencies and boards which receive general fund support. We believe this proposed budget is fiscally sound while giving weight to the expressed will of Nevada voters.

Careful review and analysis? This is a guy who spent half a million bucks of his own money to get elected to a job that essentially requires someone to manage the state money. So he can just take a glance at a budget and do this? We have elected a Mensa member, folks.

►​As you can see, Schwartz brilliantly suggests increasing gaming taxes or slot route fees, imposing usage fees on airport passengers and cutting state boards ($20 million random number cited). But my favorite: "Authorize $2 billion in tax incentives and abatements to encourage private businesses to relocate and expand in Nevada." Oh? And where will that money come from, money man? Your genius investments?

The ending is priceless: "We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature in building the “New Nevada.”

And I'm sure the governor and Gang of 63 look forward to working with Schwartz.