Temple forum roundup: Oceguera can't find any presidential misstep, Heck breaks with Romney and Berkley won't answer debt question

It went more than two and a half hours, with many candidates for legislative offices dodging basic questions and Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak making people wonder why Barry Herr is running against him (Herr all but endorsed the incumbent). But when the Midbar Kodesh Temple candidates night got to the federal races, there was real news. Well, sort of.

A quick roundup:

----I asked Speaker John Oceguera if he could name one thing the president had done that disappointed him. He paused for what seemd like an hour -- I think it was about 10 seconds -- and then replied that he could not think of anything.

---Rep. Joe Heck was pressed by an audience member on Mitt Romney's 47 percent comments. Heck originally said the GOP nominee was only talking about the half of the country that would not vote for him. When I followed up that Romney actually had said that percentage were the folks who were dependent on government and had a victim's mentality, Heck poivoted and said he disagreed with Romney's characterization.

---Rep. Shelley Berkley was up last and repeated her talking points about Sen. Dean Heller (who could not be there) -- Wall Street, big corporations, Ryan budget. But she repeatedly dodged a question about the addition of $6 trillion to the deficit during the president's tenure, refusing to name anything that she would criticize the president for proposing.

Looks as if Berkley and Oceguera want the Obama coattails here and Heck knows Romney ain't going to help him much.