Team Hillary to delegates: File county convention grievances, but focus on state convention

Hillary Clinton's Nevada campaign sent out a missive to delegates Wednesday evening, asking them to fill out grievance forms to gauge the level of irregularities at last weekend's county conventions but also promising an "aggressive volunteer outreach plan" for the state confab May 14.

Clinton was crushed by Sanders in Clark County, with reports of odd emails, incomplete lists and bias toward Sanders obviously still rankling her Nevada team. But the Nevada Clinton folks also want to try to restore her delegate lead to what it appeared to be after the Feb. 20 caucus by having a huge showing at the state meeting next month.

Here's the message that went out:

Dear Hillary for Nevada Supporters,

First off, we want to thank you for attending your county Democratic Convention as a Delegate, Alternate, Unelected Alternate, or volunteer. 

While the results at Saturday’s conventions were not what we were hoping for, the good news is they do not change the fact that our campaign won the Nevada caucuses and as a result, Hillary Clinton continues to lead the delegate count in Nevada. 

Nonetheless, we are fully aware of the many issues that took place before and during the conventions and we share your frustrations. In order to help us address these issues, we are asking you to fill out our grievance form so we can ensure all issues are properly documented and can send them to the appropriate parties. 

Please assist us in making our case by filling out this form with any of your issues and grievances. We will follow up with you if needed.

To file a grievance, click here.

Despite the many issues that occurred at the county conventions, we must stay focused on the next step in the nominating process. There is still the state convention to go, and we plan to fight hard there to preserve all the delegates we won out of the actual caucus so that the voices of everyone who turned out in February are truly heard. 

The Nevada Democratic State Convention will be held on Saturday, May 14th. In the coming days, you’ll be hearing from us about crucial next steps, including a Hillary for Nevada conference call and our aggressive volunteer outreach plan. 

If you were selected to serve as a delegate or alternate for the State Convention in May, our campaign will be in touch to notify you as soon as possible.

Again, thanks for all your support! 


Michelle White

Nevada Political Director

Hillary for America