Team Bernie: Let's put Sanders on the ballot as an indie in Nevada!

UPDATED, 5 PM: Secretary of State says Bernie would have to declare his candidacy; getting signatures not enough. From spox:

A person other than the candidate may file an independent candidate petition with the Secretary of State’s office; however, in order for the candidate’s name to appear on the ballot, the candidate must sign and file a declaration of candidacy, which is separate from the independent candidate petition.  Accordingly, no independent candidate can appear on the ballot without submitting a declaration of candidacy to the Secretary of State, regardless of the number of signatures gathered on an independent candidate petition.

Better question: Why hasn't Sanders renounced this effort?


This went out today from key Bernie Sanders Nevada organizer Angie Morelli -- I strongly advise you not to have any liquid in your mouth as you read this:

Friend, I have never sent out a mass email, and I tried to handpick these addresses for those who I thought would be interested or know people who would be.


We found out yesterday that despite the almost 9,000 signatures that we collected to get Bernie or Jill on the Green Party Ticket for Nevada, the petition failed because half of the signatures collected were disqualified.

There are many states across the country doing what they can to get Bernie on the ticket for November in either the Green Party or the Independent party.  There are several reasons to do this:

1) It gives the DNC and local democratic parties the extra push to behave themselves leading up to the national convention.

2) It gives Bernie a back up plan in the case that they do not.

3) It gives Bernie, and the petition holders in each area, leverage against the DNC and local parties.

4) When it's successful, it will be a much needed boost for the Bernie community in this area.

5) It's a wake up call to BOTH major parties that we are unwilling to continue supporting the "least hated candidate".  

While Bernie did state he would not run as an Independent last year, the DNC and local party leaders also said they would run a fair election.  I think everyone can agree this did not happen at this point.  Since then, Bernie has changed his language on this topic suggesting he has no "current plans", etc. We would like to ensure this is and option.

We need to collect at least 5400 viable signatures before July 6th, so we are actually going after over 10,000.  We will also be independently verifying the signatures before sending them off.  So we need your help.

LEVEL 1 PARTICIPATION (I have friends that like Bernie):

--You can SHARE this email with your friends, or share this status on facebook:

LEVEL 2 PARTICIPATION (I kinda want him on the ballot):

--You can find a business or volunteer with these petitions and SIGN it.  The petition will be available at the following places:

----Customistic, on Sahara and Decatur in Las Vegas.  Open 10am-7pm, Mon-Sat.

----5 Star Saloon, 132 West street, Reno NV 89501 | (775) 813-8182, hours5pm-2am (5pm-5am fri-sat).

LEVEL 3 PARTICIPATION (I definitely want him on the ballot and I'm willing to do a little work for this):

Please actually volunteer to collect at least 10 signatures for us.  This will require you getting them notarized, but Billie McFadden is going to a class on today to get her notary credentials and would be able to drive to you, do her thing and then collect your packet.

--To join the volunteer team:

--Instructions on how to collect signatures for Bernie:


--Download the actual petition: 


LEVEL 4 PARTICIPATION (I definitely want him on the ballot and I am willing to do what this will take to ensure this happens):

--I will do all of the above and become a team leader for my area.  I will host a party to train my friends and will recruit them to go with me to collect signatures from my neighbors.

Please let me know if you have any questions. <3

In Solidarity,

-Angie Morelli