Teacher of the Year to challenge Fiore

Nevada's teacher of the year in 2013 has decided to take on Michele Fiore, the controversial assemblywoman who is in NPRI's Hall of Fame (or something) but is a prime Assembly Democratic Caucus target in a split district.

Jeff Hinton, who was given the award last year by Gov. Brian Sandoval, will take on Fiore in Assembly District 4, which is a slight plurality Democratic district (500 voters) and has 6,000 nonpartisan voters. Hinton also is a former Marine and NRA member who supports background checks, a key issue the Democrats hope to use against gun rights zealot Fiore, who even talked about packing while visiting a Culinary picket line on the Strip.

Fiore is not to be underestimated and she revels in grassroots campaigning. But Hinton has potential, and I don't see the GOP elite going out of its way to save Fiore.