Taxpayers association: Please call it a BLT, not a BLF

I have been calling it the Business License Tax since it was released by the governor.


1. Because it is a tax. 2. Because BLT is acronymically funnier.

Now tax maven Carole Vilardo has revealed she agrees at the top of a line-by-line explanation of the tax bill that will have its first hearing Wednesday:

Please note: This “fee” does not fit the definition of a fee. Because the revenue is used to fund general government expenses, it is a tax. It will be referred to in this document as a tax and abbreviated as "BLT."

I don't know why the governor's office didn't call it a tax from the beginning, except that it technically is the Business License Fee transmogrified into a tax.

The memo, which contains a line by line explanation of the bill, is attached here.