Tark: "Harry Reid has reached a new low"

So along with Sen. Dean Heller, Danny Tarkanian becomes the second Republican to say he has two opponents.

To wit:



Harry Reid has reached a new low. Recent polls show my opponent, Steven Horsford down 13 points. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is attempting to leverage Nevada voters to elect an individual he has as dubbed his heir in Washington.

Reid is relying on desperate attacks to distract voters, because Horsford and Reid know that that they cannot run on their failed agenda alone.

Consider these startling facts:

Harry Reid's policies have wreaked havoc on our economy. Now, he is plotting to further impose his will on this election. Under Harry Reid's and Steven Horsford’s leadership:

  • A national budget has not been passed in three years
  • Our national debt has risen by almost $7.5 trillion
  • Nevadans have incurred a tax increase of $781 million
  • The unemployment rate has climbed to 12%

Steven Horsford's campaign is failing because the policies that he supports are terrible for Nevadans. Senate Leader Harry Reid is panicking because he sees that we are winning the battle in CD-04.


This country has had to endure a lot over the past 4 years, and it is my goal to bring back fiscal sanity to Washington. Will you please consider a donation of $5 to help us reach our crucial goal of $12,000? We must stand-up to these desperate attacks by Harry Reid.

With your help, we can fight these liberal lies.



Danny Tarkanian
Candidate for Nevada's 4th Congressional District