Super PAC known for trying to turn Hispanics to GOP goes after Cortez Masto with brutal radio spot

A Super PAC trying to help Rep. Joe Heck defeat the woman who would be the first Latina ever elected to the U.S. Senate is trying to peel off Hispanic voters with a new radio ad.

America's PAC, using tactics it has employed before, is running a Spanish-language radio ad (audio attached, transcript below) that essentially accuses Cortez Masto of supporting pro-choice policies that "abort our future." The ad's first line shows its intent: "Does Catherine Cortez Masto care that 3 out of 5 babies aborted in America are Black and Hispanic?"

The buy is about $94,000 in Las Vegas and Reno. 

America's PAC has been very controversial, running ads that even Republicans have denounced, including George W. Bush's campaign and the RNC, which accused the PAC of race-baiting.

The PAC has received seven figures over the years from Richard Uihlein, a conservative Wisconsin businessman who has funded far-right groups.  He gave $500,000 to America's PAC late last year. He also gave $1,000 to Heck last October.

The play here is simple: Heck, who has performed fairly well with Hispanics in his congressional races, cannot afford to lose that demographic by Romney-like margins in this contest. And with Hispanics expected to be at least a fifth of the electorate and energized against Donald Trump (making his own play for Hispanic evangelicals) and for Cortez Masto, this is probably only the beginning.


Does Catherine Cortez Masto care that 3 out of 5 babies aborted in America are Black and Hispanic? The future of our economy is being killed. The message that I hear from Catherine Cortez Masto is: To improve our lives we must abort our future and that doesn't make sense. Much of the abortion industry opposes medical cleanliness standards and wouldn’t restrict abortions after six months, but premature babies are surviving and living to be healthy adults. And they call us extremists? We don't need to kill our future, we need hope for our future, we need to know there are growing opportunities for triumph. What we need more is jobs, not abortions. I have a question for Catherine Cortez Masto: Why should I vote for you if you don't even care about our babies?

America’s PAC is responsible for this advertisement.