Steve Wynn: Obama "doesn't have a clue," Berkley is a "thoughtless pawn" and Reid likes his three fireplaces

That headline whet your appetite?

Well, that's all you are getting for now, folks. And that's just the beginning of an hour-long interview I had this week with Steve Wynn, who ratcheted up his anti-President Obama rehtoric (think Dinesh D'Souza), went after Rep. Shelley Berkley with a renewed vehemence and essentially said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid squandered an opportunity to make deals with the House because of his fealty to the president and desire to remain majority leader.

There's more, too, about the economy, Obamacare, web gaming, the SEC probe of his big donation in Macau. And more, too.

I'll give premium subscribers to this site a sneak peek on Sunday and we will have a special, two-part "Ralston Reports" starting Monday.