State Senate Republicans tapping donors for...losers

So what does a lobbyist or business say when the minority leader of a house comes asking for money, not for his caucus, but for two folks who ran to be members but lost?

Yes, I suppose.

State Sen. Michael Roberson raised more money, through PACs and through their campaign accounts, for those five critical state Senate races than has ever been raised before. When all is said and done, my guess is the total will be close to $2.5 million, maybe even $3 million.

But Steve Kirk, who lost to Joyce Woodhouse, and Mari St, Martin, who came within 300 votes of becoming a senator, both spent more than they raised and need some help.

So the minority leader is holding an event at the wonderful Panevino in Las Vegas next month (see invite attached here) for the "Nevada Senate Republican caucus and the campaign debt retirement of Mari St. Martin and Steve Kirk."

I bet it's very well attended. As business folks know, the place to stop legislation they don't like is in the upper house, controlled, as the Assembly is, by Democrats, but by only one vote. That still gives Mr. Roberson some stroke.