State GOP nominating committee confirms commitment to political suicide

The state Republican Party, under the unswerving, steady hand of Michael McDonald, didn't endorse candidates Saturday in Fallon after saner heads prevailed over the crazies.

But a nominating committee, which I have told you was a set-up to hurt incumbents and be a list for McDonald's Citizen Outreach destructive puppeteers, released its recommendations, which I have posted here. Needless to say, it's something else, including endorsement nods for those running against Assembly and Senate leaders.

The list is attached here, and some of the descriptions are priceless. Some highlights:

----Both of the Bunce brothers were endorsed. They are challenging incumbents in both house leaderships.  "Carl is running on a platform that opposes the mining tax." In Southern Nevada. Against state Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson. 

----Vick Gill was endorsed in the biggest race of the year for Justin Jones' Senate seat. Roberson endorsed Becky Harris. See a pattern?

----Lisa Krasner and Rick Fineberg, two totally unproven commodities but running against incumbents in the lower house, got the nod.

The descriptions of some of the others, including the apparently Thatcheresque Michele Fiore, are priceless.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Nevada Republican Party.