The state GOP implosion begins

Newly re-elected Chairman Michael McDonald's slogan is "UNIty," which may be easy to accomplish if you only have one person in the office.

I've confirmed that Jesse Law, the controversial political director and expert vote counter, no longer is being paid by the state party. That leaves only one paid employee in the office.

This was inevitable after the Establishment lost the chairmanship fight and after Gondolier Numero Uno Sheldon Adelson signaled he was holstering his checkbook so long as sometime-Culinary union lobbyist McDonald helmed the party.

As one longtime GOP insider put it:

Jesse Law has been let go by the NRP due to "lack of funds" and now the dynamics have tipped.

Paid Employees in Nevada:


Say it loud and proud: "UNIty, UNIty, UNIty."