SOS to Wheeler: Explain yourself

After two months of waiting for answers to a complaint filed against Jim Wheeler, the secretary of state's office has sent the assemblyman a letter demanding answers and threatening to involve the attorney general.

In the missive, which is attached here, elections Deputy Scott Gilles says he last spoke to Wheeler on Oct. 8 about a complaint, sicne amended, by ex-Assemblyman Kelly Kite, whom Wheeler replaced. Gilles wrote Wheeler "indicated you would follow up" on allegations of unreported Michigan tax liens on his financial disclosures. But so far, nothing from Wheeler, Gilles said in the letter.

"At issue are multiple allegations of misreporting on your previously filed (Financial Disclosure Statement)," Gilles wrote. Those include failing to report sources of income, failing to report business entities and incosistent reporting of how long Wheeler has lived in the district and in Nevada.

Sounds serious.