SOS says anti-Roberson group should have filed disclosure report

Remember that independent expenditure group that ran those ads attacking state Sen. Michael Roberson near the end of his successful primary campaign?

The ads were designed to help Carl Bunce, who ran Ron Paul's Nevada campaign and who ended up getting crushed by the Senate minority leader. Rob Tyree, another Paulite listed on the group that ran the ads, has refused to answer any questions about the ads.

Now the secretary of state's office is demanding to know why Tyree did not file any disclosures, part of Ross Miller's ongoing campaign to bring to light dark money in campaigns.

The letter and backup documentation are attached here. The SOS has given Tyree until July 30 to respond.

This is part of the ongoing debate over "express advocacy," which would trigger disclosure under Nevada law, and the putative rights asserted by such groups to keep their donors private.