SOS Miller sends a 3,000-page love letter to GOP group

You may recall that Secretary of State Ross Miller has been taking guff from a GOP-aligned group that clearly wants to stop him -- or at least wound him -- before he becomes attorney general.

There have been mailers and a web site, not to mention some stenographic, unquestioning treatment from the "newspaper." Much of this started when Miller was trying to get a transparency bill through an unfriendly Gang of 63, which eventually gutted and then killed the excellent proposal.

The Republican State Leadership Committee has money to burn, it seems, as well as plenty of rhetoric to unleash, accusing the SOS of slow-walking a public records request.

Today, though, Miller says he sent 3,000 pages worth of information to the group, which surely will be combing through it for more ammunition. Miller also sent the media the cover letter he sent to the RSLC and other documents -- attached here -- as well as this note:

As you’ll see, relative to the massive task of responding to the request, the office of the Secretary of State has responded in a timely and appropriate manner.   In all, the response includes nearly 3,000 pages at a cost of more than $4,000.  As is explained on the log, redacted items are those that are personal/family information, secure billing and credit card account numbers, and annual leave and sick leave balances.

We’re sending this information in anticipation of the use of the requested material for political purposes and the consequent need for basic background information.  I, or our PIO, Catherine Lu will be available to discuss any issues related to the Secretary of State office activity reflected in the requested documents.  Of course, any questions of a political nature are out-of-bounds for this office and should be directed to Secretary Miller’s campaign staff.

Wait, he has a campaign staff already?
Miller surely reveiwed all of this stuff befroe sending it to the enemy. And as I pressed him on a recent "Ralston Reports" I think it was foolish of him to take any gifts as SOS while pushing a transparency agenda. But even if he hadn't, the RSLC would be doing its thing.

Now all the GOP needs is...a candidate.