Sisolak withdraws information request to RTC after agency head sends corrected jobs number

In a rather unusual exchange of letters, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak requested information, including emails, from the Regional Transportation Commission, then withdrew the demand after receiving a "Letter of Correction" from agency boss Tina Quigley.

Sisolak has has questioned the jobs estimates by the RTC for the gas tax proposal to be voted on by the board in September. He is almost a certain NO vote, but Quigley sought to placate him with her response in an email:

"I hope this clarifies any confusion we created.  We apologize.  We know this is a big issue for all the Commissioners.  We will continue to strive to provide you the most accurate and up to date information … and we welcome any discussion of your questions and/or concerns."

And then the letter, attached to her email:

We at the RTC sincerely apologize for misstating the jobs numbers and the fuel consumption numbers in
the last Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Meeting. You were correct in questioning the figures
given by RTC Staff.
The jobs number as stated in the meetíng of 5,500 to 6,000 direct jobs per year was not as correct as it
should have been. We have an updated range of jobs created from the fuel tax indexing program of
4,738To 5,526 direct jobs in total(expressed as person years of employment).
It was also incorrectly stated in the BOCC meeting that fuel tax revenue has been flat over the past
years. PleaseseetheattachedgraphdepictingtheactualfueltaxrevenuefortheRTCoverthepast
several years that shows a S0 million dollar decrease from the peak of 2OO7. I have also attached a
schedule of taxable motor vehicle fuel gallons sold in the State of Nevada and Clark County for your
reference. A review of this information regarding fuel sold indicates that there has been an average
reduction in gallons sold of 2.L% per year over the past 5 years, likely attributable to the economy and
other factors.
I hope this clears up these issues for you, and I appreciate you bringing these incorrect statements to my
Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.
And his response Wednesday:
Thank you very much for your "Letter of Correction", dated July 31,2013.   I sincerely appreciate your taking the time and energy to correct the information provided at the BCC meeting.    

The new information and correction you have provided to me satisfies my concerns in those areas.  As a result of this and my acknowledgment that you are very busy heading into a series of BCC meetings to address the "Fuel Tax Indexing" issue, I am withdrawing my "Public Records Request" dated July 19,2013.
I look forward to continue working with you to provide the public and all involved with the most accurate information available as we address these very important issues.

So the commissioner is satisfied. For now.

Quigley may have the five votes she needs, but Sisolak surely will make her sweat it out. I can't imagine he's done yet.