Sharron Angle boycotted inauguration, compares Obama to Nero, says he insulted MLK

You just can't make this stuff up.

Former U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, now searching for voter fraud across this great land, has posted her reaction to the inauguration.

If you loved Second Amendment remedies and Hispanics who look Asian to her, you are going to love this, too: In a piece headlined, "Boycotting Obama," Angle begins by teling everyone she did not watch the president's Jan. 21 speech "in protest of Obama."

She did so to emulate -- wait for it -- Martin Luther King. So her "nonviolent boycott" was for almost as great a cause as civil rights: "the economy, Obamacare, Fast and Furious and Benghazi."

Damn, I have missed her.

But she had thought this through. You see, her boycott hurt the ratings (way down from his first) and "impacts advertisers who paid for promised viewers that (sic) didn’t tune in."

You can't stop a movement like this; you can only hope to contain it.

But she wasn't done, even taking Beyonce to task (can her career survive?):

"A charade accented the inauguration. They all faked it. Obama took the oath the day before in private because of the Constitution’s January 20 deadline. The ceremony was showmanship, making a mockery of Martin Luther King Day, including the swearing in on a stack of Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln Bibles. Beyoncé lip-synced the national anthem before 700,000 people and the Marine band mimicked playing their instruments while band director Colonel Michael J. Colburn conducted energetically."

I think she is on to something.

And then Angle saved the best for last:

"If the American people believe “Rome to be burning”, perhaps the President is “fiddling”. The adage based on a legend about Roman Emperor Nero describes an incompetent leader with an aimless, frivolous attitude, doing something trivial even though he knows that something disastrous is happening. Will the American public boycott the State of the Union address or will they forget to tune in because they just don’t care to watch the President 'fake it'?"

I think her post had an impact. Even though 33.5 million people ignored Angle's plea for the SOTU boycott on Tuesday evening, ratings were down.

Does anyone think that is a coincidence?