Seven points about the Sun's profile of Assemblywoman Michele Fiore

Today's must-read, as painful as it is, is the Las Vegas Sun's profile of Assemblywoman Michele Fiore.

Seven points:

1. Sometimes you just let a person talk. That's what Kyle Roerink did, and Fiore, as ever, indicted herself.

2. That headline? "A true Nevada political rise." Really? To where has she risen, pray tell? Most number of idiotic comments for such a short time in politics? She has had plenty, and it's not the first time she has bragged about breaking gun laws. (Maybe we should have heard again, though, about how she thought Culinary protesters deserved to be shot.)

3. It's not being "100 percent politically incorrect" to constantly say clueless, dangerous things. She was the most execrable Cliven Bundy enabler. She is not brash and refreshing; she is rash and disturbing.

4. She calls the BLM "Nazi-minded" bullies. It's an inane phrase. And any politician who casually reaches for the Nazi analogy is hopelessly facile and historically ignorant.

5. She didn't "butt heads" with Gov. Brian Sandoval. The governor, like most Democrats and Republicans, didn't take her seriously.

6. How ironic that her vicious, mindless and inaccurate comments about Rep. Steven Horsford (and his wife!) come a day after the congressman penned a thoughtful piece on Bundyville in The Washington Post.

7. Fiore, should she survive her re-election bid, has two chances against Horsford if she challenges him: None and none.